A huge congratulations to all our couples who have tied the knot and a massive thank you and hug for those of you who have written, emailed, called or texted your messages of thanks and gratitude. We have not yet been able to scan or put all messages up on our site, however please know that each and everyone of those messages means a lot to us. Quite simply, we cherish them!

Below are a few of your kind messages we have so far updated on our new site (stay tuned for more!)

– Anya & Anthony, married September 2012 (September 2012)

– Elise & Alex, married September 2012 (September 2012)

– Kara & Damien, married October 2012 (October 2012)

To Jen, Rosie and the BnW team,
A huge thank you from Julian & I for working with us on creating our dream wedding. I remember you told me you smiled when you were reading my detailed email that was sent ahead of our consultation. From that, you helped us create an extraordinary experience for ourselves, family and guests that is being talked about non-stop. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you, your support & guidance throughout the process, especially with the hiccup of a venue change 3 months out from the day, was wonderful. Many of our guests have commented that it is the best wedding they have ever been too and we could not have done it without you. Thank you for your amazing suppliers (floristry, stationery, photographers, cake etc) that gave us the icing on the cake (so to speak), finding us economical options which gave us the opportunity to really look after our guests without breaking the bank. On the day, I did not look at a clock and trusted in everyone and everything we had put in place, thank you!
– Julia & Julian, married July 2013

Just want to send our love to the beautiful and wonderful people at Bells N Whistles!

Thanks for making our wedding perfect yesterday even though it was pouring outside! The plan B was even better and our ceremony at The Langham Hotel was incredible! I think it was meant to be! To Jen & Rosie, thanks for making us so relaxed throughout the day and doing all the hard work for us so we could enjoy our big day! Yesterday was all we imagined and more! We couldn’t thank you enough!

We’ll drop by to say hi and give everyone a big hug when we get back from Malaysia/Europe in September!
– Lena & Juin, married June 2013

A thank you text written by the bride at 12.24am
Hi Jen!!
I just wanted to say…Thank you so much for such an amazing day today! The day went by so smoothly with no dramas and all the vendors were perfect!! You and your team put a 200% effort into our wedding and it definitely wouldn’t have turned out the way it did without you guys!!! Love you guys so much and hope you guys bump out early!!! Speak Soon!!! Clarita and Tony xx
– Clarita & Tony, married May 2013

My good friend recently had her wedding organised by Bells N Whistles Events. My first impressions were, I admit, sceptical. I was unsure what a wedding planner could bring to the day that I could not organise myself. I’d been to many weddings in the past and all had been organised by the bride and groom, with no major hiccups or disasters.

But that was just it, I didn’t know what a wedding planner could provide. That was until I saw the great work carried out by Bells N Whistles.

In the lead up to the big day, the bride didn’t exhibit the same levels of stress and anxiety that I had seen in so many brides before. In fact, she was so calm, she worked all the way through right up to her wedding day, spending her evenings watching her favourite TV series.

On the day of the wedding, the bride was a picture of relaxation, as Bells N Whistles took care of all the background work that would normally add extra stress to an already eventful day. Not only that, it was the extra little touches that made their wedding stand out amongst many others. The decorative signage at the entrance to the church, the assistance with seating at the reception, and of course, the elaborate decorative tree that they constructed in the centre of the reception venue, all combined to make this one of the most refined and enjoyable weddings I have ever attended as a guest or MC.

As MC of the wedding, I was also fortunate enough to work closely with Jennifer and her team throughout the evening. They were most professional, yet personal and approachable with all areas of the wedding, and equipped to deal with any disruptions that may have arisen, ensuring the bride never had to worry about a thing.

Without a doubt, Bells N Whistles created a memorable day for the bride and groom. But their services extended further yet, as even today, weeks after the wedding, the family and friends are still talking about the wonderful night that they’ll never forget. Well done!
– Scott Walters – Professional MC & family friend to Clarita & Tony

Thank you Jen and Rosie from the bottom of our hearts!

With only 3 months to go to the big day, it was getting rather difficult for us to finish planning our wedding in Sydney from Hong Kong and finding the time to plan our wedding was becoming a struggle because of the intensity of our jobs which leave us time poor. Given our circumstances, when we asked you and Rosie took over the reins of the planning our wedding to help us reach the finish line, it was the best decision we ever made! It was so useful having talented professionals in the wedding industry to share ideas and ask questions – you are so responsive which is what we loved about working with you and Rosie and we loved the weekly update emails!).

We are so grateful for your expert orchestration of our wedding day – the day went so smoothly. We’ve received absolutely fantastic feedback from all our guests – with most comments being how superbly organised and seamlessly the day went!

We consider ourselves blessed to have had the privilege of working with you and Rosie who translated our vision with such class and professionalism. Every detail exceeded our expectations and our quests were thoroughly impressed with both of your talents. We sincerely thank you for making our wedding day dream come true!

Thanks for your support, and guidance throughout the planning process – and mostly, being so patient with us!

(I miss our emailing)
– Alison & Dominic Tan, married March 2013

We had a lot going against us. Our wedding date was less than two months away, half our guests were flying in from around the world and we had no less than three days worth of wedding related celebrations to organise between Christmas and New Years. To top it all off we are based in HK so were unable to be on site to organise anything. Jen saved the day. She is amazing. She picked up all the plans we had made and with perfect foresight arranged what we could only describe as our perfect wedding. Jen showed an attention to detail that put us at ease and removed all unnecessary uncertainties, she was responsive to our personalised needs, creative with suggestions, and very importantly she made herself constantly available to communicate with us and made us feel we were always in focus. This review of Jens talent and professionalism is genuine and we will continue to personally recommend Jen to anyone looking to stage a top class wedding in and around the city of Sydney.
– Pari & Rowan Parchi, married December 2012

It has taken me 5 months to write this! But it is for no other reason than I felt I had to find the perfect words to do Jen, Claudia and team justice, (That and I’m terrible at organising, hence the dire need for Bells N Whistles!!) So here goes….

When I first approached Jen I was struck by how open, honest and efficient she was. Once we had met, I was filled with complete confidence in her and what she had to offer my partner and I. Despite others having misgivings about hiring a planner & stylist I went for it and a weight was immediately lifted from my shoulders!

Our amazing spring wedding in the Blue Mountains was put together in under 6 months. Some said it couldn’t be done but these girls simply made it happen, and in a bigger and better fashion than we could have ever imagined! The support and effort that we were provided was so far beyond what I expected to receive, and I am so grateful for that.

These ladies kept the wedding machine rolling while I dealt with numerous personal and professional challenges along the way. (Did you know they offer a free sideline counseling option?)

I simply cannot thank them enough for turning our ideas into reality and creating a spectacular, fun-filled celebration that we will remember always. I tell anyone who will listen that they need a planner for their wedding and the only one they need bother contacting is Bells N Whistles.

Love you guys!

– Elise & Alex, married September 2012

“I contacted Bells N Whistles Events for their ‘On the Day Co-ordination package”. I had done all the planning for my wedding but I needed the confidence to make sure it all came together on the day without a hitch. The team at Bells N Whistles ensured that this happened and more. I knew I had nothing to worry about and that reassurance made my day. Thank you Bells N Whistles!”
– Jessica & Matthew

Thank you so so so much for everything you have done for us over the past couple of weeks! Saturday was absolutely amazing, so much more than what I was expecting! The night would not have been the same without you guys, my only regret is not having you on board from the very beginning! I know my mum and dad were able to enjoy the evening knowing you had everything under control, and for that we couldn’t be more grateful. I’ll be recommending your services to everyone I know, you guys were just fantastic!

– Laura & Mitch, married October 2012

Dear Jen, Claudia, Rosie and Emma,

Thank you all for your help with our day yesterday, with our wedding. It was so easy to enjoy the day knowing that the setup was under control. I have no idea if anything didn’t go to plan, but I do know that if it did you all managed it superbly.

I would highly recommend to anyone I know getting married, wanting to do it my way to contact Bells N Whistles. The vendors that you helped me find were amazing and so wonderful to work with, your assistance with opinions on anything from the right chocolate stand to the placement of the flowers on the tables was invaluable. In fact I would recommend that they just give it all up to you and sit back and relax as they could not be in better hands with more wonderful people.

Thanks again

– Kara, married October 2012

Dean and I had a grand vision and a grand plan! We wanted the most beautiful, magical winter wonderland wedding possible. Newly engaged and full of enthusiasm we set of on our quest to make our wedding different and unique. After a month of searching for a venue and trying to negotiate with a few vendors, Dean and I were already looking like we would be heading to divorce court before we had even started! Completely overwhelmed and lacking any knowledge of how to start even planning this special event, I was completely out of my depth, so I decided drastic action was required. Despite Dean’s protests, I made some enquiries with some friends regarding wedding planners and Bells N Whistles came highly recommended. So a secret meeting was arranged with Jen and the moment I meet her, I feel in love with her excitement! She made it sound all so easy and that she really could get it to snow in Sydney for me! I signed up immediately with Jen and her team, filled with relief my dream wedding was going to happen, but with dread of how I was going to break the news to Dean that I was spending more money on the wedding for something that he did not think we a necessity.

Lucky for me, Dean quickly feel in love with Jen and the team just as much as I did! Enthusiasm and creativity just oozed out of every single member of the team and their support was amazing. Nothing was too much to ask and everything was just so easy. Even though I had to spend a little more on something that was unplanned, they were definitely worth every cent. It was a relief to know that on my special day I had a team of professionals working behind the scenes the make sure everything was exactly how we wanted it and that all the stress had been taken out of it. On my wedding day, nearly every single guest commented on how I was beaming with happiness and that was largely due to the terrific job Bells N Whistles did. The work they did on my styling was breathtaking and the