First thoughts – Secrets from the Little Blue Book, Nov 2012

Last night we held our second Secrets From The Little Blue Book wedding planning event at Zest Waterfront Venues, The Spit, in Sydney’s harbour-side suburb of Mosman.

The evening went so well, and so fast (but that’s what happens when you’re having fun!). Everything was setup, the music started, the food and drinks rolled out and before we knew it…it was 9pm and time to go home!

I’d like to extend a big, big thank you to all our couples! Your feedback so far would suggest you had a fantastic (and useful) time!

And, thank you to all our experts too! I love that you love this event, especially the way you could chat to couples instead of trying to sell to them. I lost track of how many times the experts/suppliers told me they had as much fun as the couples did.

I’m so, so pleased with the event which was even better than our first. So much so, that we are now working on a third event – yes that’s right, the next Secrets From The Little Blue Book will be held in late February 2013. I’ll announce the exact date later this week.

Stay tuned for my full report of the evening!

Ps: for all the couples who attended, don’t forget all the amazing deals that our experts and suppliers have offered you. You’ll find them in your LBB goodie bag!

LBB Goodie Bag packed with amazing deals

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Jennifer Kennedy is founder and director of Bells N Whistles Events, a boutique event planning and styling business based in Sydney. Jennifer loves a good event, and puts her heart and soul into every event that the Bells N Whistles team put on. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Jennifer also runs Fusion Weddings, wedding planners and stylists catering for those who want something a little different for their big day. Cross-culture, same sex, whacky themes...that's Fusion.

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