Down the Rabbit Hole…Alice in Wonderland Styling

So you want an Alice in Wonderland Inspired Wedding – well, here are some ideas to get you thinking.

I believe, if you are going to do something, do it right! So if you are going to have an Alice in Wonderland theme – go all the way. Too many times we have brides who dilute their styling or don’t do enough of it – and guests don’t ‘get it’. They don’t see Wonderland – just a few little touches. So my first piece of advise is do it well.

A themed event/wedding is always more costly than a non-themed, so to save a bit of money, do a bit of DIY (or better yet, we’ll do it).

For our styling, we had sheets of sustainable wood which we cut and used for signage (drink me, eat me signs, candy buffet signs etc). We also sourced all the glassware and cutlery from opp shops. And on the day, we were there to pull it all together.

It’s only when all these elements come together that you can really see the theme in all its glory!

We set this up for a formal evening wedding – which our couple also wanted as warm and intimate. Around the room, there are many things you could do to carry through the theme, depending on the venue. Ceiling draping – you can get tulle in red and blue to carry through the theming and a fun idea is to buy or make funky hats for all the wait staff (and even the suppliers to wear – there’s nothing like an MC, DJ/Band and of course, us, the planners – getting in on the fun!).

For a lunch or more informal setting, swap the tiffany chairs for mis-matched chairs. You can also create some drama with chandeliers, and again for a more informal/relaxed or lunch wedding, go for colourful, mismatched lighting…chandeliers could also work. You could hang these at varying heights around the room.

Remember, styling isn’t just reception – it’s the whole wedding. A Stylist (like us) will look at everything from your stationery, your gown, your flowers, cars, cake – it’s all part of your styling!

You can’t have an Alice wedding theme without a grass bunny!

And a pack of cards is an easy and cost effective way to create a place card – although you will need alot of Queen of Hearts!

We used some gold rimmed glassware on the tables. We opp-shopped for months to find these – but they were perfect and the guests could take them all home as a gift. And don’t forget the ‘drink me’ labels

We found gold cutlery at opp shops. We didn’t mind if it didn’t match – as long as it was god to match the gold rimmed glassware we sourced. And again, don’t forget the ‘Eat me’ signs which we hand wrote on sustainable wood. The red napkin brought it all together.

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